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Quote from FatFaluz View Post :
Good question. Per Anandtech [], the AMD Athlon X2 3250e (1.5GHz) slightly outperform the AMD E-350 but both are in the same class as dual-core Intel Atom. Same with Radeon HD 4330 being slightly faster than the HD 6310 (the Radeon HD 6310 in the AMD E-350 APU is actually based on the HD 4330 core but without dedicated memory: source []). The E-350 does have higher efficiency, modern architecture (DDR3, UVD3, etc) and newer drivers.

The Zino HD 400 is over 2 years ago and I considered buying it at $400+ back then (when it was on FP deal quite often). Come to think of it, it seems that AMD designed the E-350 as a cost-reduced replacement for the Zino HD's CPU + dGPU combo (of course it isn't true). With the Zino HD, you get the full package -- case, PSU, WiFi, (2) e-SATA, multi-card reader, ODD (DVD+RW or BR-ROM/DVD+RW combo) and possibly a 3.5" HDD. The 2010q3 Zino HD 410 model refresh brought support for DDR3-1066, optional Radeon HD 5450 1GB (it came with integrated Radeon HD 4250 standard), a variety of CPU from Athlon II/Turion II, Phenom II X3 and even a 25W Phenom II X4 1.7GHz.

Personally I'd like to see mobile Llano A4/A6 based HTPC. The E-350 CPU is just slow for general use and non-DXVA (e.g., Silverlight) video decode. The A4 is probably better for everyday (single to dual core) use due to lower cost and higher base speed but the faster GPU in the A6 is nice to have.


The AMD E-350D appears to be a 22W TDP desktop version of the 18W TDP E-350: and

Ah, thanks for the info ... I had a feeling the D was for Desktop and therefore meant more consumption. Anyway, I found a better deal on Craigslist yesterday that I jumped on....a Toshiba A665-S1000x [] that had a broken screen for $180. It's got an Intel Core i7-2630QM (quad core Sandy Bridge, 2ghz w/ 2.9ghz turbo boost and 6mb cache), 6GB DDR3 RAM, a 640gb hdd (might swap for ssd), a bluray reader/dvd burner. I took it apart and detached the boken LCD so I just have it running via HDMI to my TV now. I think the HD3000 will be plenty fine for my HTPC use, and the i7 quad core should help with decoding silverlight content.

Using my Kill-a-watt, I measured around 14-15 watts idle...will have to check what it's drawing while decoding x264...

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