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Is it just me, or have monitor prices been generally stagnant the past year or so? While my 24" monitor is not LED, it is a nice one, and I got it for $160 nearly two years ago. Big screen TVs since that time have gone down considerably - some 47" TVs can be had for a few hundred less. And yet 24" monitor prices are still in the same range. I expected by now we would be seeing 24" monitor deals often in the $120 or so range.
Some deals I got thanks to SD:
$200.00 - Intel i7-4770K CPU
$75.40 - 32gb (4 x 8gb) Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz RAM
$107.05 - Intel i5-2500k CPU
$54.05 - Kodak ZX5 Playsport video camera
$105.66 - Intel I3 2100 CPU and MSI H61M-E33 motherboard combo
$63.65 - AMD 840 Phenom II X4 CPU and MSI 880GM-E35 motherboard combo
$88.95 - XBOX 360 Arcade 4gb console w/ 2 games