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The Express Scripts is just to let people know they are taking that insurance again. They had a scrabble with one another and quit taking that insurance for awhile. It is a great deal for us that have that insurance. We get to go back to Wags and make 25.00 with each script we bring back. ( Not to confuse with my last line-ANYONE can use the Q except the insurance it states in the fine print of the Q)
Oh, I do want to add tho-just like CVS--you want to price the drug because they are so much higher even with a Q you may not come out ahead. Double that if you don't have insurance. I priced a drug I was getting at Target for 8.79 ( regular price--not co-pay) thought even tho they didn't take my insurance last month I might still come out ahead using the $25 Q. It was 75.00 at Wags (reg. price) I told them Wow-and what it was at Target--he just laughed and said that is a big difference. Filled it at Target.