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Quote from krivera1 View Post :
Well, I received my board, and I paired it with a 4gb stick of DDR3-1600 memory (board will only run it at 1066) and a 64GB Crucial M4 SSD. Overall, I think the board is just ok... Running Windows 7 Media Center it seems to playback all HD recordings fine. I get audio thru the HDMI without problems.

I've tried to playback several different downloaded movie files, from 480P/720P/1080P encodes in both MP4 and AVI formats. There was only one 1080P mkv file I couldn't get to playback - all others did fine (including a few other 1080P mkv files - strange).

The system runs ok, a little pokey, but ok. Things that run almost instantly on my other dual-core or quad-core machines (65W-95W chips) can take a few seconds with the AMD E-350 chip. Here are the WEI scores for this machine:

Processor: 3.7
Memory (RAM): 5.6
Graphics: 4.0
Gaming graphics: 5.6
Primary hard disk: 7.4

Overall, for $60 you can't complain much... I'm planning to put this as a secondary HTPC in our exercise room. However, if this we're intended to be my main HTPC rig I think I would opt to spend a little more and get more horsepower - you'll get frustrated with the lag if you were to interface with this rig all the time.

For about $115 I found the following combo:

Foxconn H67S LGA 1155 Intel H67 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s Mini ITX Intel Motherboard []

Intel Celeron G540 Sandy Bridge 2.5GHz LGA 1155 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX80623G540 []

For another $55 this would be a much more satisfying rig to live with with more than enough ooomph to do whatever you throw at it.

Hope this info might help others make a future decision.
That processor will handle things like hulu streaming, netflix HD, and playback of 1080P blueray rips of about 5+ gigs? Thanks