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Quote from nflaum View Post :
I would like to know also. From basic inspection it appears that Asus has better air circulation because of its 2 fans. Also I think the Asus runs a little faster (1050 MHz vs 1000 MHz.) Asus is also a brand name that I know and trust, I'm not really familiar with HIS.
the Asus twin fan has the drawback of venting all the hot air from the vid card into your case. The HIS fan blows it out the back. This can be a problem if your case fans are not up to the job of getting rid of the hot air, causing other items to heat up. Generally speaking, exhausting the heat out of the case is a better setup, but again it comes down to your case and fan setup. As far as brand, HIS has been around for a while, I've had 2 cards from them with no issues, this will be my third, I got in on this deal this morning as soon as I saw the auto notify email heart

The 1050 vs 1000 is just asus sending the card pre-overclocked. ATI software allows you to match this speed and more with the click of a button, so its a moot point there.

Also that Asus linked is an old version with noisy fans. The newer version is quiter, but alas not the same price. The HIS will run quieter, cooler, and is cheaper.

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