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definitely second what manfromnowhere said. the credits that you mentioned (10 bucks per mo off and the phone discount) is pretty consistent, of course it depends on what phones they are offering. Also i think the 50 dollar MIR is tagged on with at least a 20 bucks/mo data line for each of the GSIII's i think. so if u don't want that then make sure u tell them so u can switch to other options like 10 bucks a mo. And i think they gave u the 5 bucks off for the 3rd line for the ongoing promotion of add a third line for 5 bucks till 2013 or 14. I got in on this a while ago w/ the gsii. Congrats on the nice deal!

For the others trying for the royalty department, just be patient with the rep and usually you'll get the same kind of deal.