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OP, this was a helpful post, thank you Smilie

I've been a T-mobile customer for 4+ years and am eligible for upgrades now, so I called the Retention department (zero wait time, which was weird?)
The CSR tried to sell me on the Galaxy S3 phones for $199 per phone, guaranteeing that was the best price I would get anywhere.
I mentioned that others have gotten them for $50 (or cheaper) after rebate, and he said there was no way, but asked "so where did you see it?"

At the end of the call, he tried to get me to make the decision right then "because there's no guarantee that if you call back, you'll get an offer anywhere as good." And that other CSRs won't offer me this great deal.
I said no thanks and wished him a good weekend. Ughhh.

Will try calling Retentions again, hopefully I'll get a CSR who doesn't treat me like an idiot.

Thanks Slickdeals!!