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I ended up not playing DoA5 at all and not too much of Sleeping Dogs. I decided to put Asura's Wrath in and couldn't put it down.

All in all though, it was a lame day off and I should have just told them that I would work, because the money would have been nicer. To keep my schedule, I slept all day after getting off on Saturday morning. I set alarms to wake up so I could go to the BX for some things and to get some money. And then I needed to go to the community center to get online, but needed the money from the BX for that. But I slept past when they closed.
So I ended up going and getting a pizza and garlic bread from the enlisted club, sat down with my meal and two Monster Rehabs, and watched The Raid on Blu Ray. Then called the wife and after getting off the phone, I passed out in bed.
Woke up at 4 AM and played some Asura's Wrath and then went to sleep again at 10 or so.
Waste of a day off...