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Revenge Q&A
Revenge Q&A for 10/7/12

:02 At the start of last week’s episode, the divers discovered a boat named ___. Amanda
:05 Who held Emily at gunpoint during Daniel’s birthday party last season? Tyler
:09 Last week, Charlotte asked her doctor to let her out of rehab in time for___. Memorial Day
:12 Who is Charlotte’s biological father? David Clarke
:16 Last week, Tadeka was not happy that Emily returned to training to unlock memories about her___.
:20 When Emily returned to the US, she found Nolan___. In the boxing ring
:24 Who gave Emily a gift from her father last season? Nolan
:28 Last week, Conrad said he would give Daniel access to his trust fund if he___ Invest it in Garyson
:31 Last week, Emily and Nolan went to a ___to learn more about her mother. Hospital
:35 Last week, Nolan hid a camera in a ___ to spy on Victoria. Clamshell
:39 Victoria offered Declan___ in exchange for staying away from Charlotte. $25,000
:44 Last week. Emily told Jack that Amanda made her___. The baby’s godmother
:48 Where did Daniel attend college? Harvard
:52 Who is responsible for planning and hosting Victoria’s Memorial Day “memorial” last week?
:56 What happened to Lydia Davis? Emily took her out.