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Not a big fan of the slow juicers for anything you want the benefit of drinking.

You must drink the juice made within one minute of extraction before oxidation starts to set in.

If you juice for health reasons, you will do carrots more than anything. Even if you use a juiceman or Jack Lalane product, you may not get *as much* juice; but, it doesn't matter because for two reasons.

1: carrots are so cheap
2: by the time these *slow* juicers get all the juice out and you go to drink it, it has started oxidizing.

If you are not juicing for the health benefits, I guess this machine is good if you want as little waste as possible. It will extract more juice. I admit that.

Now you can go the other way and get a vitamix; but, that just crushes everything. I have a juicer and a vitamix and they both have their place in regards to uses.

Hope this helps.