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Does anyone know how to crack one of these open? There are no screws or seams I can see, and youtube only has prior-generation drives though I guess I could try to experiment with a box cutter or something.

Quote from beaight View Post :
Why would they put USB 3.0 with a 5700 RPM drive??? Hmmm...
First of all, 3TB is not a performance capacity.. very few would use it to boot off of or something. SSDs are for booting and your most-used programs like web browsers, Office programs, and maybe Steam or something. Huge HDDs like this one are for storage of things that don't really need a ton of speed, like movies, music, etc.

Second, don't equate spindle speed with data transfer speed. Modern 5xxx rpm drives can be so data-dense that they can actually match or beat older 7200rpm drives that aren't as data-dense, all while using less energy and throwing off less heat. The drive inside is still referred to as a Hitachi according to HDSentinel, and is likely to be in the same ballpark as the 5k3000 5700rpm 3TB drive which had pretty good performance averaging nearly 100 MB/s.

USB 2.0 has a theoretical speed cap of 60 MB/s, with realistic speeds of only up to ~40 MB/s in best-case scenarios due to various factors... so obviously USB 3.0 is necessary to fully unleash the HDD. The MINIMUM speed of the Hitachi 5700rpm drive I linked to above, is 70 MB/s which is way over the realistic MAXIMUM ~40 MB/s speed of USB 2.0.

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