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2012 BF Price Adjustment Target TV: 50" Westinghouse LCD 1080p HDTV
Past Year Links:

Last Year, I made a thread like this for the 46" and for a 40" in 2010 for those that wanted to PA it. So I figure I should make this wi all the info you need!

Brand: WestinghouseScreen Class: 50" Model: CW50T9XW

DCPI: (008-09-0750

How to get a PA on Black Friday (YMMV):

1. <----------------------------- Open link.

2. Type/Copy the DCPI and your Zip Code

3. Check for Limited Availability or Available.

4. Call the store and transfer to Electronics and give the person the DPCI number and ask them to hold you 1.

5. Go to the Store, as you check out ask them how many they have, if they have multiples and you would like to buy multiple ones, then buy as many.

6. You should pay around $600 + tax on the TV.

7. Keep your receipt and you can use the TV as there is no Restocking fee if in the rare scenario where they do not give you a PA.

8. Go back on BF and take receipt to cashier and say you need a PA.

I scored (2) 40" Westy's 2010 and (1) 46" Westy for last year.

Price Adjustment Tips!

-Remember your Receipt! As basic as this is, I found atleast 2 or 3 people last year that dont/lost their receipt!

-Just have Target's Price Match Policy/News Release on your Phone or print one out

-Head to the closest store and just tell them you want a PA and hand over the receipt

-If you get a PA, good for you. List the store in the wiki below.

-If you DONT get a PA, show them the news release and the policy.

-If they still say no, call up corporate in front of them.

-99% of time Corporate will tell them to price adjust unless you get a crappy person on the line.

-If they still say no, just head to another Target store.

Best of Luck to everyone in scoring a dirt cheap TV without waiting in line this year!

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