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In as long as I have been watching BF ads, Harbor Freight has never been known for having great deals in their ad. What they have been known for is being one of the first ads out each year. It's simply a sign that the flood is imminent, though it will start as a trickle.

The prices in their BF ad are at best roughly equivalent to your run of the mill parking lot sale. And just like those there will be items with comparatively higher and lower prices each time. To be honest, HF is never going to be able to compete with the big box stores for BF sales. They probably wouldn't even be able to draw the crowd that a parking lot sale would normally draw as customers are busy shopping elsewhere. However as a national chain, they have to put something out there in order to bring people through the door. I think their strategy is to get the ad out early and start distributing it to customers in store over the course of a month.