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Quote from JamesMore View Post :
I have attached the screenshot for the cry babies (The original link posted was the link in the screenshot)

And like I care about reps :-P get a life
The part worth posting is when the sneak peek actually becomes available and the ACTUAL deals are posted. Otherwise, all you're doing is pushing marketing information for Lowes. It's not like the prices become effective when the "sneak peek" is posted, just that it's future information on pricing and items. We still have a few weeks after the sneak peek is posted to actually wait for the deals to become live. Are you really so dense that you cannot see how this whole thing is not worthy of being posted? Did you really wet yourself at the idea of being notified of a limited number of BF prices being publicly available weeks before BF? We all know that BF ads get posted prior to BF, so you're pretty much posting to let us know that Lowes will have some BF prices made public before BF, yet there are no such prices included in your post. So, your post is USELESS. When we try to explain this to you, you call us "cry babies", when in fact, you're just dense.