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Wohoo! I finally got my Xigmatek rebate this morning (via PayPal) from this deal from Dec. 2011.

And... it only took 10 months and my sending of 6 e-mails. Stick Out Tongue Their first excuse was that my submission was processed, but my invoice (which I had created via Newegg's print invoice feature, so it was nice and proper) only showed the order #, not the invoice # (hey, it's not my fault Newegg stopped showing the invoice # when you go print invoices), so I e-mailed them a PDF of the e-mail invoice that Newegg had sent (which did include the invoice #).

Their next excuse, sent 2 months after the invoice hassle, was that processing is slow since they process only once a week (which means what? that I have to wait a week? I've waited months!).

Anyway, they asked if PayPal was okay and for me to send them my PayPal address if it is. Three weeks later, still nothing. Then one more e-mail a couple of days ago asking what's going on, and finally, two months short a year, I got the rebate.

I didn't go the BBB/AG route, though--that would've been more trouble than it was worth; I just pestered them with e-mails every time I remembered that I still had this rebate pending.

(Also, while I got a canned reply from Christina the first time I e-mailed, all my subsequent e-mails were handled by a Nicole. Perhaps she is Christina's replacement? She was nice, though, and apologetic in her e-mails to me. I suspect that the blame lies with Dohn (their boss?) who she was CC'ing in the replies.)

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