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Quote from poningru View Post :
Not sure if the following is threadcapping, apologies if it is and will remove if requested by op.
I am curious about why people get these NAS system as opposed to something like the N40L []that was on sale a few weeks ago.
The only things I can think of are:
a) lower power consumption
Why it doesn't make sense to me: the majority of power in NAS is used by the hard drives, so wattage difference between a ready made NAS like the synology here and a full N40L server is chump change (20-30 Watts). So I suppose if someone really wants to save electricity these would kinda make sense.
b) ease of use
This really doesn't make sense to me, I would assume SDers would take the extra 2 hours (assuming you are extremely technophobic) to install something simple as FreeNAS [] to save couple of hundred dollars in difference.

So other than those two possible reasons, why would anyone pick a Synology over an N40L or a similarly cheap server?
Do let me know if this is not the correct place to bring this up. I will move/delete my post.
The problem with the 2hrs to set up is that I have a crying baby at home. To get 2 straight dedicated hours to PROPERLY set-up is difficult.

Also, I just think people pay for convenience. Smaller form factor and basically plug/play.

Last, power consumption IS a big factor IF you don't loose features that you require. This thing idles at like 2watts versus like 15watts for an N40 when in STANDBY(yes in Standby it still consumes 15watts).

That's an extra $11 per year in energy costs if they are both in standby. When in regular mode you are looking at $32 per year in energy savings.

Considering I plan to buy this and leave it on 24/7 for the next 10 years I'd say it pays for itself over that time period so it's essentially FREE compared to the N40L option.

Now if this is lacking features that you absolutely NEED - then it's obviously not for you. I just want something to back up my photos, music and movies to.

I also want to be able to start a torrent from my phone to download right to the nas without having to figure out how to configure each client. Then I want to stream a few movies to my cell phone / tablet or smart TV(when I get this tv) so that I can have them all centrally located.

This NAS does all this and saves my money in the long run.

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