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I have the five disc set from the SD a couple of years ago - but that was under $20. I would consider this and the Alien Anthology 6 disc set the best values for movie extras, if you enjoyed the movies in question, and like having the back story. Both productions were cutting edge for their time, and came very close to not being made at all, and disaster once production began. Blade Runner is seminal SF movie, and one of my favorites - but it's still not worth $43 to me.

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Um.. yeah. SRSLY.

I loved the movie since it came out (it took a lot more from Gibson than Dick, really, and was the first to introduce several themes that have since become mainstream, and then cliches) and have probably had one or two versions in VHS, DVD, and now Blu. I would never minimize its importance or impact, but IMHO you'd have to be pretty seriously obsessed with the one film for $43 bucks to seem reasonable... and are they going to play the customers along for a dozen versions? There are limits.

I'd look for these to be remaindered for a lot less in a few months.
Actually reference Gibson you have it backwards - Balderunner came out in 1982. Gibson published Neuromancer in 1984, and you might argue he successfully transferred the SF Noir of Bladerunner and other rundown future dystopias to the more modern concepts of cyber reality and the technological backbone implicit to that. Now The Matrix is highly derivative of Gibson's work.

Now I feel middle-aged. I did a quick search for Neuromancer, and found a study guide for it by an academic at Washington State University. I read that as a young adult. Nono
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