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Quote from mrhood View Post :
Ahh,,,you know what I meant, hot lights vs cool lights, didn't answer my question, just made fun of me...Thanks.
Most touch buttons work well if you know how to press them. The ones on the HPs I've used work fine so I assume the ones on this Samsung should be fine as well.

Quote from frankpakdmys View Post :
Ugh, sick and tired of people arguing about resolution.
Your opinion is yours, but it's stupid so shut up.

I have this monitor and this is all you need to know.

For gaming, it's pretty awesome. I'm using a 7950, everything on "ultra"/"high" and it looks pretty good.
The games I play: GW2, Assassin's Creed (playing thru them again), Dark Souls, Dishonored.

It's when I'm reading. The fonts are too small so when I zoom it up, you can see the pixels.

Reading sucks but you should be able to endure it, for gaming, it's a great value.
Don't let these people tell you it sucks, it's not a bad deal at all.
Why pay so much for a 27" TN panel display? TN panels look horrible once you get used to IPS / PLS , OLED or Plasma displays

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