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Quote from bugsnest View Post :
I may have been in a similar situation like you before I purchased my first D-SLR. The idea of taking good images of kids and the added benefit of a 1080p Video recording option with the same device sounds great on paper.

Now cut to 3 years later what I have found is, I have got good at taking pictures and upgraded to a 60D and some good glass. I have been taking LOTS of pictures but my video recording habits on the D-SLR have gone down to 0.
I don't think it has anything to do with the camera itself but the reality is it's cumbersome to shoot video with a D-SLR and takes some getting used to. Camcorders are designed to do just that so we continue lugging that around (my wife also prefers using the camcorder than dealing with trying to manually re-focus with the D-SLR). That's just our experience though.....
Very interesting.
The reason I want the video in the DSLR is because I dont want to have to lug around a dedicated camcorder & the DSLR to say Disney World or even the zoo.
Id rather take ONE device (DSLR) and be able to do everything from it.
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