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Quote from LiquidIce View Post :

The Logitech VIP Store currently has the Harmony 900 for $139.99 and Harmony One for $99.99

The Harmony 900 Refurb is normally $219 from the Logitech store and has been $159.99 with coupon on occasion.

The Harmony One can be bought new from Costco right now for $109.99 if you have a Costco membership this is probably a better deal for a brand new remote with the Costco Lifetime Return policy.

This had been previously posted but has been out of stock in the VIP Store.

I'd been waiting for a good deal on the Harmony 900 for awhile.

BTW- I already own a Harmony 900 - it is a great remote if you need RF. The One is better if you don't need RF capability in your remote since it has sequences (button macros) and is cheaper. I previously owned the Harmony 880 and 890 and they are both great remotes, but the 900 feels faster has a much higher resolution screen and compared to the 890 - the 900 doesn't require you to plug the RF Receiver into your computer each time to program it, on the 900 the RF Receiver is programmed via RF by the remote itself. Overall I've been really happy with the 900, other than of course the missing sequences. You can find out a lot more about it by doing a quick Google search or reading the Harmony 900 thread over on

To get into the Logitech VIP store, you must have previously purchased something from the store - simply use your login/password for to login to the VIP store.

For those without VIP status, you might be able to get it using a trick found here (thanks to blackrain for the original post and links):
Costco does not have a lifetime return policy ..... can you please show where it says that ??? me they don't have a lifetime return policy .... do you know what lifetime means ??? I have a family member that works at costco and he laughs every time he hears that...