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Quote from dissident View Post :
something some of you may not know but many probably do, on October 29th google is discontinuing the 8GB version of their nexus 7 and dropping the price of the 16GB version to $200. They are introducing a 32GB version, and this version will take up the $250 price point. Look for them to go on sale on October 29th though a few lucky people have scored a 32GB version already.

This tablet is on my short list for a combination of screen, processor power, and large support by google along with large app selection. If anyone has any other suggestions I'll be watching this and other threads though to see what pops up. With Windows 8 coming a whole slew of tablets are about to be introduced.
sagacious advice. $200 is definately my price point. I can't see myself spending 330 on ipad mini when refurb are $379 for Ipad 3rd gen.

Anyhow definately looking forward to the anouncement.