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Quote from thatbb6 View Post :
Noob question, this being 6GB/s, is it as fast as the SSD SATA 3 with 6GB/s? I know SSD is small in size n capacity, more efficient but more expensive. But i'm talking about speed wise.
It depends on what you mean by "fast". When you speak of maximum transfer rate, I'm sure this HDD is plenty fast, probably 160MB/s+. But that's probably only if you are loading large files. The point of SSD I would think is for faster access time. A hard drive will slow down considerably on loading a lot of small files. Plus if you are just copying files to or from the drive, you are going to be limited by the speed of the other source/destination anyway. If the function of the drive is to be a system drive with the OS or the main function is just to load/store lots of data into RAM for the OS or an application, I don't think you are going to beat the SSD. Although if you have a lot of RAM, I believe windows tries to use a lot of the extra RAM as a drive cache, so if you load a lot of the same data I think the hard drive will be comparable in actual application. Although in reality this discussion is probably pointless since for $120 one is a 3TB HDD, and the other is like a 128GB SSD, so clearly given the storage size difference and price/gb difference they are going to have different applications.

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