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Quote from Maschil View Post :
you could just use a flash drive with the nexus......
Are you saying I can use an OTG cable to connect my camera (or CF card reader) AND a flash drive simultaneously to transfer multi-gb worth of photos? I suppose it is theoretically possible, but I'm leaving for south america next weekend, and I don't have time to order an OTG cable, buy a USB hub, buy a CF card reader, and hope it would work. I know the Galaxy Tab solution would work for sure, and investment is minimal, since I have many mSD cards....

Anyway, this deal with the Nexus is excellent. I believe there is an official 30 day pricematch policy, but I can't find it on their website. I can't imagine the Nexus 16gb dropping much below $200. If you can wait until BF, I don't see prices going UP...but if you get it now, I don't think you will overpay by more than $20.