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Quote from zgendron View Post :
I was able to use the following loophole. Thanks Jellopants
  1. Close out of your browser and re-open it.
  2. Go to (don't use the link in the post above this time).
  3. Go into the Products section, pick a product, and click until you get to the screen that shows you the "Add to Cart" button
  4. Click Add to Cart to add a product to the cart. This time, you should get a standard cart (no more VIP login screen).
  5. Fill out the form as though you're going to place an order, including the account setup information.
  6. Don't enter credit card info - choose the "PayPal" option and click continue.
  7. Click Continue on the Shipping details screen.
  8. DON'T GO ANY FURTHER. Leave this browser tab open, and open a new browser tab
  9. Enter/click on the link to the VIP store here
  10. You should now have access to the VIP store.
Great deal, especially today when I got home and my 890 is dead. Thanks a lot!