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Review of Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout:

Ok, it may be pretty obvious, but this is a heavy beer. The color is very dark, almost black. It doesn't have much of a head after a couple minutes of being in the glass. The aroma reminds me a bit of DFH's Raison D'Etre's with the dark fruitiness - otherwise I definitely smell chocolate malt and alcohol. The first taste confirms that it is a stout beer, but hot damn does it have a burn like no other stout I've ever had - yes you can definitely tell it is 18%. All in all, it's quite well balanced for having so much alcohol in it - the taste is slightly chocolatey and the only fruit I think I can make out is raisin. It's sweet and syrupy, almost like a slightly carbonated Makers Mark in mouthfeel. This is the only stout I like better than Guinness Extra or Young's Double Chocolate, though having more than one or two of these puppies would not be a recommended practice. Also, if you are going to have other beers/drinks/food/etc. in the same night, have it before you drink this, as your tastebuds are jacked up for quite some time - anything you have afterwards will taste like water & bread.

I have saved one bottle of this to drink a couple years from now to see how it ages (alongside a 120 & D'extra). I can hardly imagine it could get much better, but these high abv brews seem to do just that.

9/10 - I had high expectations and DFH delivered. This brew has jumped into my top 5.
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