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So right now the 5D3 is priced comparably to the D800, with the D800 still appearing to be more appealing for those that aren't "locked" into a brand (if you're looking at 5D3s and D800s, you're likely locked into Canon or Nikon i'm betting).

I still think it might break $2500 as a DoD, but not sure if it will happen before xmas. Canon just had miserable numbers, so I imagine they'd want better numbers moving forward. Since they've likely sold as many as they could at $3500, i'd guess they'll keep dropping the price to keep sales up.

Although their behavior is frustrating (releasing a $3500 body, then dropping the price significantly several months later, discontinuing 24-70mm and replacing it with a far more expensive 24-70mm II only to have a rumored 24-70mm IS seem likely, at which point the 24-70mm II may drop in price). I'm thinking of switching sides not because of picture quality, but more because of Canon's marketing/pricing tactics. Price the product competitively upon release and it will sell well without much fluctuation. D800 is a great example of this, as I don't believe we've seen ANY deals since it's original release.