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Kids Luvs diapers .13/ea or lower AC @ Dollar General B&M - Friday 11/2 & Sat 11/3 only
Right now at Dollar General B&M the large boxes of Luvs diapers are on sale for $15. There is a printable coupon on the website to give you $5 off any purchase of $25 or more:

Buy two boxes of the diapers and after coupon price per diaper will be:
Size 2 - .13/ea (2 boxes at 96 ct each box=192 total diapers)
Size 3 - .13/ea (2 boxes at 96 ct each box=192 total diapers)
Size 4 - .15/ea (2 boxes at 82 ct each box=164 total diapers)
Size 5 - .17/ea (2 boxes at 70 ct each box=140 total diapers)

YMMV on available sizes.

I did not list size 1 because I have never been able to find that size in the large boxes at Dollar General. I asked a cashier at my local store recently and was told they normally don't stock that size diaper in the larger boxes of Luvs, only the small packs (she didn't know why) but if you can find that size, and it is higher than 96 ct per box, the per diaper price will be even cheaper than .13/ea.

Remember this coupon is good on Friday 11/2 and Saturday 11/3 ONLY
This deal can not be accomplished by ordering online.

(I realize there have been some fairly recent deals from Amazon with a slightly cheaper per diaper price but if you are not an Amazon Mom member -some of us, including myself, aren't- these deals don't help you.)
11-02-2012, 03:40 AM

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