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Quote from DarkDestiny View Post :
When you're in the underwriting stage, as long as everything else flies, they should not know if you open new credit, so long as you're not applying for refinancing through Barclay (some damn how). Only under very specific circumstances will they need to repull credit, like if your credit report is no longer valid (over 90 days old).
The just repulled my credit report about 2-3 weeks ago as my first credit pull expired (90 days), so I see no reason to repull it again.

Im thinking its ok to apply for this.. hmmmm

Quote from cbtexan04 View Post :
You and I are probably the only Texans fans on the forums haha. And I'm definitely the only one in my state (VA)
LOL a Texans fan in VA? Im glad to hear that!! I live in Houston so its a given for me.

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