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Quote from freelance View Post :
Yes, you can. I have done it on a yearly basis. You don't even have to cook some of this stuff or settle for their choice of dessert.

20lb turkey from Safeway = $5 to $7
2lb bags of Frozen beans = $2 - $3
2 boxes of Stuffing i = $2
3lbs Sweet potatoes = $2 (they sell for roughly 0.50lb)
5 lb bag of potatoes = $1.50 (most of our supermarkets)
2 cans of cranberry sauce = $2
2 jars of turkey gravy = $2 to $3 (unless you make your own, then minus this number)
Apple Cobbler in Freezer section = $3

On the low end, $19.50

Now if you don't know how to cook (or how easy it is to make this stuff) then buying already made and paying premium price for such inexpensive ingredients may be the only option for some people.

Maybe Costco's is more flavorful, but that is a lot of money to find out.
I'm sure you can make a good meal for less than $150 as you are paying for the convenience, but these lists are just silly. Not only do they assume the cheapest prices but they don't include anything you need to cook with. Things like butter aren't free. Or are your mashed potatoes just potatoes and you just eat the stuffing from the box, ect?

We always do home cooked at my house but I'd take the costco meal over the everything from a can, box, or freezer meal vomit.

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