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Quote from wp746911 View Post :
Please for the love of everything holy, don't feed your family costco food for thanksgiving. Any other day, sure, but not thanksgiving (unless you are a single male). I make pretty much EVERYTHING from scratch (except some of the chicken broth- gotta stop somewhere). I'm feeding 8-10 people-rough costs for homemade:
15lb turkey (cheap one at store deal) $8 (better is $20--30+ if you want to brine your own)
Gravy- $2 maybe
Rolls (homemade parkerhouse style)- $5
Mashed Potatoes- $5
Dressing (bread crumbs, onions, cornbread, broth, etc)- $7
Aspargus Casserole-$10
Rum Bread Pudding- $15
Cranberry Apple pie- $15

Grand total of $67 very very very roughly- for meal which will blow the socks off any other store bought meal- about as home cooked as you get these days. No premade dressing mix crap (if you want a recipe, I will give it- real homemade dressing+ gravy is insanely better). If I wanted to splurge, I could go around $100.

Get your costco meal, I don't care. Just don't think you are getting a nice meal.

Granted I love to cook (it's relaxing- versus my high stress job) so I would do it even if it costs more- but I'd say a nice HOME cooked meal + family + football=thanksgiving for me. Anything less=not. Enjoy your costco meal.
Dont forget Rosemary,thyme,bay leaves, butter, flour, sugar, garlic,chicken broth, oil, alumininumnm foil, electricity or gas for stove/oven, roasting pan, and a bunch of other items which will bring your true overhead up as well as time to get in your car and go to store and buy all these items. If you have the skills to do this from scratch, you should have skills to take a Costco precooked dinner & kick it up a knotch. BAMMM! $=Time Thanks OP!!! I will be taking credit for cooking an amazing dinner pre-cooked and shipped to my doorsteps in a cooler! (Add a little tony chacherie seasoning is all it takes)