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Quote from wp746911 View Post :
Please for the love of everything holy, don't feed your family costco food for thanksgiving. Any other day, sure, but not thanksgiving (unless you are a single male). I make pretty much EVERYTHING from scratch (except some of the chicken broth- gotta stop somewhere). I'm feeding 8-10 people-rough costs for homemade:
15lb turkey (cheap one at store deal) $8 (better is $20--30+ if you want to brine your own)
Gravy- $2 maybe
Rolls (homemade parkerhouse style)- $5
Mashed Potatoes- $5
Dressing (bread crumbs, onions, cornbread, broth, etc)- $7
Aspargus Casserole-$10
Rum Bread Pudding- $15
Cranberry Apple pie- $15

Grand total of $67 very very very roughly- for meal which will blow the socks off any other store bought meal- about as home cooked as you get these days. No premade dressing mix crap (if you want a recipe, I will give it- real homemade dressing+ gravy is insanely better). If I wanted to splurge, I could go around $100.

Get your costco meal, I don't care. Just don't think you are getting a nice meal.

Granted I love to cook (it's relaxing- versus my high stress job) so I would do it even if it costs more- but I'd say a nice HOME cooked meal + family + football=thanksgiving for me. Anything less=not. Enjoy your costco meal.
Can I have an invite to dinner? BTW I like how you called it "dressing" instead of "stuffing," you must be from the south.