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Quote from Aeon.Genesis View Post :
So with me not knowing crap about cameras this can't take pictures out of the box right? I'll have to buy some sort of lens?
This camera is a weird one, it's mirrorless but uses Pentax's standard lenses, so it's a bit on big size. But very attractive to those with Pentax DSLR/SLR, because they already have some lenses. All other three players, canon, nikon, sony are using small lenses for their mirrorless lines, which means a whole new set of lenses, but they can use a small size body.

Quote from travfar View Post :
If he's using those WR lenses when diving without an enclosure, then he's ending up with a bunch of destroyed lenses. They are weather resistant, not water proof. If he's using a housing, then it doesn't matter if the lenses are WR. That $49 camera is a P&S, how would those lenses work with it?
Oh, he was using the P&S, not those big ones.

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