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from chat:

" I apologize for the inconvenience, I am not showing this promotion at this time. I am submitting this to our IT Department for research. It can take up to 24 hours for the research to be completed."

Oh well, glad i got a few although for some dumb reason, I chose to go pick them up from the store..didn't understand the "free shipping" part. Maybe I got 6 but not sure until I have them in hand.

Quote from contraium View Post :
I was the right age the 1st time these came through & didn't get the appeal then. Good luck to people reselling em. My nieces & nephews are the right age for this & none of them are remotely interested. Don't understand why they are still so expensive either. Guess Hasbro's looking for the nostalgia market?
We will see what happens after Black Friday when they start advertising them. Kids get interested, because they are told to be interested by commercials and the media and their friends. They have easily malleable minds and tastes.

But yes maybe parents will be nolstalgic and want these for their kids even if the kids don't care. The blue and purple ones are $70 plus on Amazon so $36 was probably a good deal...probably..

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