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Quote from keeleon View Post :
Older sibling? Lol. I'm 30, and I remember not caring about these when I was 15 ;P

Not to thread crap, it's not a bad deal, if you are looking for them, but I don't think past "Furby mania" is any indication that these things will be a huge ebay investment this time. Kind of like the Skylanders too. The only thing that made them valuable, is the company gambled and made less than the demand. If the company has produced them in higher quantities, I'm guessing these will be littering clearance aisles in January.

Quote from Suziqzer1 View Post :
It looks like they are trying to make a come back and hit the market again. This group of kids doesn't know them unless an older sibling had one.

Quote from keeleon View Post :
Do people still actually care about these things? I have a 7 year old (pretty close to I imagine target demographic), and she's never even mentioned it...

Quote from contraium View Post :
I was the right age the 1st time these came through & didn't get the appeal then. Good luck to people reselling em. My nieces & nephews are the right age for this & none of them are remotely interested. Don't understand why they are still so expensive either. Guess Hasbro's looking for the nostalgia market?

Nope. This incarnation is all new. I'm 35. I hated Furby the first go round, I can tell you with 100% first hand certainty that this one is FAR worse.

I love your optimism about kids and the not wanting these and clearance aisle, but you're delusional. It's understandable, the human mind is not good with horror and does all it can to protect itself. I will now throw down a few words that will illustrate why this damned chunk of demonic plastic will not be fading. Prepare your minds.


Zhu Zhu.

Fake little butt ugly wad of false hamster. Kids lost their **** over them. They are still around and making new ones. This thing is 10 times as obnoxious, does considerably more and are pretty much lining every retail toy section in every store in the country. They have been pimping these suckers for months. Displays, commercials the whole 9 yards.

If you have a squirt in this age range, I suggest you pick it up while you can.

Excerpt from what I consider to be one of the better reviews (has a video of the overpriced obnoxious lint ball as well):

The New Furby Review: Absolute Horror []

Test Notes
One friend was thrilled to hear the new Furby had arrived—she wanted but never got one as a kid in 1998—so she volunteered for five days of robot-sitting and reported back the following:

Day 1: Furby wakes up and is playful and nice but won't shut up. People at work instantly hate me so I put him in a drawer. Furby burped and sang in my purse on the train and generally embarrassed me as much as I imagine a real baby would.
Day 2: Furby sleeps through the night and all day the next day. I wake him up at 10 to feed him and he is PISSED. His eyes turn into flames whenever I touch him. So, as punishment, I feed him until his eyes go all swirly and he "barfs" repeatedly. I make him go to sleep.
Day 3: Furby undergoes a "change" after I pull his tail rapidly about 40 times. His eyes turn into cows and he says "I CHANNNGGINNNNGGGGG" followed by wild vibrations and seizure-inducing eye flashes. When that's done Furby has a new voice. He says, "What's up dude". At this point I hate Furby, and I throw him on the floor. He eventually sings himself to sleep.
Day 4: I ignore Furby all day.
Day 5: I put Furby in a cooler and bring him back. F**k Furby. I hate him. The instructions that we got warned that there is no on/off switch and we should have read that and never turned it on.

Edit: That reminds me, let me put a useful fact in bright red obnoxiously large font:

Furby has no OFF switch.

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