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Quote from Rassi View Post :
Can you explain more about this "cross-upgrade"? I have a family-plan with T-Mobile and my wife and both of my parents are eligible for upgrades, but not interested in upgrading their phones. I have a year before I can upgrade again, but I'd like to take advantage of this deal myself. How would this work so I could end up with the phone?
I only know how this works for Verizon, and Verizon allows it because someone still gets stuck with a 2 year contract. This is how it works and how I would do it if I didn't want to keep my Gnex.

Line 1 - Wife's
Line 2 - Mine

Both lines are up for contract renewal. She upgrades her dumb phone to the smart phone, and gets a data plan. We walk out of the store with a new GS3 for her account, and mine stays with what I have without the upgrade. We call up Verizon, cancel her data plan and put the previous phone on the account... 15 minutes with a data plan should net either a 1 day charge, or zero charge for the plan.

Now we have line 1, her phone, with a 2 year contract extension and mine without. I take the phone and place it on my line. Since I didn't purchase the phone at a subsidized rate, I get to keep my unlimited data plan, but got a spiffy new GS3.

... and then I sell or trade it locally on Craigslist.

Quote from werds View Post :
purchase he upgrade.on your wifes line. Afterwards go online to acct management. Remove the upgraded phone and replace it with her old phone. Then take the new.sgs3 and add it as your phone. Thus preserving your upgrade for later use.
What he said, but with less werds.

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