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1.Asian dumplings, tacos, prime rib.
2.Cookies, candy, pie.
3.Manly scents. And lavender...
4.Play video games, go to dive bars, smoke a little ganja.
5.No books please
6.Comedies, and anything with Christopher Lloyd in it.
7.A manatee
8.Green or Blue
10.synchronized swimming
11.Punk Rock, Old school hip hop, funk.
12.Two dogs, Two cats.
13.Tacky Dolphin Sculptures. Extra points if that dolphin is jumping over a rainbow.
14.A laser disc player. Or an Atari 2600.
15. Anythings cool with me.
16.XXX? No problem!
17.No kids.
18. My awesomeness speaks for itself.
19. Only allergic to fruit cake.