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Quote from jellogk View Post :
Just as I expected! I think I'm getting better at the staples system. So I did 4 photo papers, 4 copy paper reams, a pack of tape, sharpies, and pens ( the last 3 equalling a bit more than $10.) I used the 15% off and 10 off 75 which both automatically attached itself to the reams of paper and photo paper. Now the 15% doesnt latch on to the 3 last items (~$10 of office supplies) and so the 10 off 75 attaches to those and I hand over a 10 off 50 office supplies and bam! 70$ after tax for everything. The manager (who knows and doesn't like me) was next to the associate who hates me be cause I use coupons. She failed right from the get go when I handed her the 15%, she was like, that's for the case. I was like no! That means excludes. Then after I hand that it goes under 75 and I hand her the 10 off 75$ and she was like no, its under 75. One again I told her. Needless to say, with the last coupon she kept her mouth shut. Smilie win!
So if I only buy 4 photo papers, applied 15% off, could I still use a general coupon of 5 off 50?
That should work right?