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Quote from NickW5828 View Post :
Why do you think there is no ETF?
The ETF is only if you cancel the phone lines, not transfer or lose the phone. Taking the phone off of your line because you lost it, sold it, damaged it or whatever is not reason for ETF. The ETF has to do with cancelling the subscription to your line or account, but the amount of that ETF is based on the most recent phone.

Quote from jtronic88 View Post :
Hello I'm a new SD'er and I want to know does Sams Club charge a ETF if you transfer this phone to another line within 6 months (180 days)? I've done some research where Amazon, Wirefly, and LetsTalk has this restriction.

My situation here is that I'm on a Verizon family plan and I would like to transfer an upgrade from one line within my account to my line. Has anyone made a similar transaction like this and know that Sams Club will transfer an upgrade?

Thanks and awesome community by the way!
First off, welcome! Don't get discouraged. SD will save you a ton. Use the Tools and Info tab above, and then click on Deal Alerts. There you can receive emails based on a search word or term so you don't miss the deal on that Xbox, PS3, or copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Use the search field in the upper right corner for finding posts on topics and items of which you're interested, and never worry about being new or trying to ask Selma out on a date or for her phone number.

Let me help clear something up. If you walk into Sam's club, it's like walking into any other (non-corporate) authorized Verizon shop.

When you purchase from Sams Club or Amazon, or a few others, they're facilitating those deals through Wirefly and Simplexity for the most part, and both make statements of not swapping phones or removing them from contract, and then hitting you hard with fees. Do not do business through Wirefly or Simplexity unless you're willing to stick to their added rules and restrictions. I've read stories that I don't like for when people purchased through the online counterparts, and I don't like their results.

Purchase or upgrade from inside the Sam's club store.

If you want to transfer phones within your account right now, you can do that yourself. Just do it either online through your VZW online accout, call up Verizon, or walk into a Verizon store. There are no fees, per se. Some Verizon stores will try to charge you fees, and if they're a Corporate store, tell them to stuff the fees and do the transfer (my version, and I don't really expect you to do that., but I have and its funny). It's free and they're just trying to charge you a nuisance fee. If it's a non-corporate store, like Joe's Authorized Verizon reseller or some such, they can charge you fees, so steer clear if you can.

Nonetheless, my wife and I are on a Nationwide Loyalty Share Plan 550 ($50 a month. She has a feature phone and I have the smart phone. Neither of us have the unlimited text plans, as she has some $5 plan that gives her unlimited in-network and 50 out, where I have the 250 texts a month plan. And then I have data.

We've swapped phones several times within plan. I've purchased used phones from people, and put them on our account. I've traded my smart phone for others. So whether we've done trading from outside the plan, or within, we've never been charged for swapping phones.

In your situation, as best I can read, if you have the phone on line 1 and want to transfer it to line 2, call Verizon from a 3rd line, and tell them that both phones are turned off and you want to swap phones on those lines. If you don't have the phone yet because you want to get one of these great Black Friday deals, I would get the phone on whatever line you want to upgrade, and then head home and do what I pointed out above... turn them off, call VZW, and tell them to swap the phones. Realize that the other line will have to have the data plan and that you want the data plan removed from the first line. This way you're not paying for data on a line that doesn't have a smart phone.

There is no gaming of the system going on here. There is nothing illegal or immoral either. The things to consider are whether you want to be stuck to the Wirefly and Simpexity rules by doing the deal online, or if you want the more lenient way of doing things, by walking into the store?

One last thing to consider. If you get a discount on your bill because of the company you work for, it's only for the primary line. Since I have the data plan, I need to be considered the primary line so I can get the extra $6 off. All you have to do is tell the VZW rep on the phone that you want to switch what's considered primary and secondary lines to maximize your discount. This does not change the ownership of the account, nor give you any other benefits other than that maximization.

As it stands, I get 15% on the main line, 20% off data, and 25% off accessories.

Frugal.... Cheap Bastard... whatever you want to call me, as long as I can save the money and not scrimp on features, benefits, bells or whistles.

Heck, if VZW gives you grief, PM me. I'd be happy to conference in on that call. I'll be your husband, boyfriend, or whatever. But it'll never get to that because there are no charges for switching, and no ETF's because you're still keeping the phone line active and just renewed your contract.
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