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Quote from AngryPirate View Post :
Not trying to shyte on the deal or anything OP, just offering alternatives to SD'ers....but if you search Craigslist for pallet racks/racking or wire decking, there are usually warehouses getting rid of this stuff dirt cheap. Alternatively, Home Depot and Lowes both sell Superstrut for around $15-20 per 10' piece and threaded rod for the uprights. Add a sheet of plywood and you're looking at around ~$60-80.
Looking to build some 4'X6' overhead shelving for my garage ceiling. Using Superstrut, how do you fasten the threaded rod to the joist? Drilling a hole all the way through the joist would of course weaken the joist. So what's the best way to fasten the threaded rod to the joist? I could see a cross piece of Superstrut (or 2X4 even with a metal plate, washers and lock nuts) laying above the joist perpendicular to the lower Superstrut/ceiling joist for the rod to be attached to, which would displace the weight over 3 joist or ?

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