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Worth pointing out that these aluminum wire (tho copper coated, which is BS), which have 2 downsides:
1) they have a gauge size less current carrying capacity than they are effectively equivalent to 10 gauge copper, which is only good for 30-50 amps...not so much when you're cranking a cold engine with a dead battery.
2) aluminum is a lot less ductile (bending flexibility) than copper, so they are stiffer and tend to break if flexed a lot.
*Good* jumper calbes are made with copper welding cables which are flexible and can pass the rush of current necessary to start a car with a stone dead battery. And you'll be able to pass them down to your kids. Mine are 50 years old and inherited from my father, Smilie

You get what you pay for, and, I'd say, you aren't getting much here.