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Ok so i just created an AP account for this. Uhm from what I read, you can load up certain debit cards onto AP. Now it would be simpler to just buy 10 * $100 MC from one store, pay the $60 in activation and then load these cards up on AP and transfer to your bank account (is this possible or am I getting it wrong?)... otherwise there is still the buy one off the other option too
(this is my first time I'm using AP so if anyone can guide me through AP, i would appreciate it)
To avoid issues with AP you need to have another AP account to send money to from a registered cc(includes these MC and Visa GCs). Do not create another AP account with your own information to avoid issues. Better if the other AP account is an SO or someone who you trust. You send them the money for services. They then can withdraw the money to their linked bank account. You cannot withdraw money from a cc in your own account. Limit is $1,000/month in sending money to another AP account. Do not have the "B" AP account send money back to the "A" AP account. Another gotcha issue with AP accounts. Only A to B.

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There's always the date trick. Put in the CC initially with the wrong expiration and many cards won't run the $1 authorization. Change it before you do your payment xfer. I guess I haven't done my AP for the month and I used the vanillas I found for bluebird.
I've seen posts that trick works and sometimes it doesn't.

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