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Quote from sprosenb View Post :
Holy hell.
That was intense.
i'm not usually one that's short on words. Unless it's a straight out compliment. Then I shut up.

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Intense and informative lol. Thanks standupdad for the great response. I like your method on getting other phones while keeping your original phone plan. I have unlimited data on my line but I know I will be losing that when I upgrade. This is just too good of a deal to pass on.

The current phone I previously bought was a Xperia Play R800x through AmazonWireless. Their prices are great but their term of conditions on keeping the phone are a killer. They have their contract setup like you could not do anything to the phone within 6 months. Examples like changing a voice, data, or messaging plan, or modding a phone to add a custom rom, or unlock the bootloader. But one thing I like about the Galaxy S3 phone is the developer support from xda. There are plenty of mods you can do that make this device the best android phone yet. Even without modifying anything on the S3, this is still a great phone to have. My R800x has a few mods available but the developer support is steady declining. I have ICS on it but the phone is slow and that basically means its time to upgrade.

Overall, I feel pretty confident in upgrading now. This is one of the best deals for Black Friday this year.
Thanks. And that's exactly what I meant by their restrictions and rules. You can't sneeze and get a response unless it's warranted or authorized if you do the wirefly/simplexity sign up. That said, they have some very good and bad customer service. I remember calling up for someone else and helping them with an issue. They were able to pull up the recording of the call and confirm the details i gave. Creepy too.

Quote from NickW5828 View Post :
Well I've tried everything I can think of and I can't debunk standupdad's methods.

I called Sams and they said there would be no problems, upgrading an existing plan was fine, and they had plenty of units available.

I know where I will be on Friday morning! Rocking my new S3 with unlimited data! Although my Mother-in-law will be stuck with her feature phone for two more years! Wink
Thanks for the debunk comment. Now if only wife 2.0 would stop challenging me and come to this same conclusion. Funny how wife 1.0 came to the correct conclusion... and left because she couldn't handle the truth. Now her husband 2.0 is about to be ex-husband 2.0 and he's soon to be on the search for wife 2.0. I just wish that he's talked to me when I gave him the chance. Now he's going to be paying support for kids 1.1 and 1.2.

... back to the topic.

i was already offered $300 and $350 for the phone, and I've not purchased it yet.

Also, I hinted towards something called Alternate Upgrade a few posts back. You can actually do this as well as the cross account upgrade. The AU is done by the person wanting to sign up for another two years. They can then, without having the VZ rep touch the phone, give it to you to give to the person that will activate it or they can just activate it on their line. This is typically done for people that are not part of that user's shared plan like a friend, cousin, etc. In my situation, I would only save $1. That's right... 1 buck. Woopie do.

Lastly, and one thing that's important, is that if you cross account upgrade Wife's account gets the upgrade, you get the phone on your line thing, VZ lets you keep the warranty through Verizon. This is HUGE. Though you still get the Samsung warranty, being without a phone for a couple of weeks is annoying, and if you tell VZ to suspend your account until you get the phone back from Sammy, they extend your contract for the suspension time. If you cross upgrade, it's no different than if you or your wife went in and said. that its kabusted and you want it fixed... and 2 days later you have a new phone Fedex'd to you.

What do y'all think... pebble blue easier to offload or white?

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