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Quote from dianacannon89 View Post :
I was at Sams when they opened last year there was a line and they gave out tickets for the big items.

As far as the membership... Its 100% money back gaurented satisfaction you just go and tell them you want a refund bc XYZ and you get the $40 on a GC good at sams or WM.

Also during the holidays they always offer a GC if you sign up for their stupid plus program which I believe is $60 this yr but its also 100% money back deal so sign up wait till they are giving out the plus membership GC get the GC use it to buy the phone and then get the refund for the membership and the plus membership.

You can also use the membership for the entire year and wait till the day before it expires to cancel it then get the money back on the GC and roll that GC into a new membership
Thanks Diana ... I was also wondering, big ticket items tend to be the large screen tv's, gaming consoles, etc where the savings are in the hundreds of dollars. Relative to other deal prices for the Galaxy S3, the savings only come out to being around $50. do you think this will be considered a ticket item and hence would require having to be up early and in line?