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1. Weigh in on whether it's best to buy GCs off GC resellers at discounts ( etc). Sometimes, buying GCs for 4x points even with CB is not good. E.g. if you buy $500 JCPenney GC from Krogers, it's going to fetch you 2000 points and $30 cashback (at 6% max). Assuming you do fill out gas, max limit is 35 gallons, and at $2 off a gallon, that is $70. So total is about $100 ($70 + $30) saving. Now, if you rather buy JCPenney gift card, which goes on sale at 30% at times, $500 saves you $150 right there without all hassle. That may not be true for a BestBuy gift card though.

2. Always plan ahead and stock up on GCs for BF.

3. Don't buy electronics with GCs. This is my personal preference though. As you lose the added protection/ warranty the credit cards offer on electronics. Buy using Amex and your warranty is doubled (to max some years based on card).