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Quote from agureghian View Post :
thanks, but its the high resolution that I want. i'm going to have to wait. haha
The resolution is the same. The lower grade panes are rumored to not have met Apple/Dell's strict specs (as they both apparently use the same LG 27" IPS Panel). Perhaps colors aren't as even, excessive bleeing, dead pixels, who knows. For what it's worth, for the price, I though the Auria was very nice, and many have been very happy with it. The Catleap also has great reviews as long as you know what you're buying. Especially if you score one for under $300 on the 'bay.

I had bad luck with dead-pixels and a dead monitor, and didn't want to roll the dice again. I'm likely in the minority as many many people have been happy with their Auria, Nixeus, Catleap, etc. Be careful though, I purchased the Auria locally, had issues, but was still blown away by the resolution and the panel, and just couldn't go back to my old monitor Smilie