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A lot of great info here, especially that post by standupdad! Of course, I'm still having trouble deciding what to do and am hoping you guys can help. Here is the situation.....we are getting married December 1st and would like to get a family plan on Black Friday. At the moment we both have Sprint and are on Family Plans and due for upgrades, so we should have no problem switching providers and getting new phones. What I am wondering is:

1) Does Sam's only offer Verizon plans? Edit - it looks like they offer the big 4, so that's good.
2) I want to take advantage of the S3 deal, but she is stuck on getting the iPhone 5. Do you think we will be able to get both phones at the discounted rate (I expect to pay $199.99 for the iPhone) with the purchase of the new plan? Edit - I couldn't find the iPhone on their site, I'm guessing that means we can't get it there and will have to get the entire plan elsewhere.
3) I get a discount through my employer. How do I go about taking advantage of this?
4) What fees should I expect to pay when we make the purchase, other than the obvious activation fee?

I don't want to ask too much and derail the thread more than I already have.


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