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Quote from 1217topher View Post :
I got the same response. Manager explained this is not a staples carried item and they are stocked from a third party. That might explain why the part number is not in the system.
Chat Results just now

Quote :
14:56:08 G
Initial Question/Comment: Inventory check for an item
14:56:14 System
Welcome to Live Chat. We will be with you shortly.
14:56:14 System
We ask for your assistance: please do NOT send credit card information through chat. Should credit information be required for a transaction, a Staples associate will contact you for the required information
14:56:14 System
Alicia has joined this session!
14:56:14 System
Connected with Alicia
14:56:24 Alicia
Hello G, thank you for contacting Staples.
14:56:25 G
14:56:28 G
how are you
14:56:29 Alicia
What is the item # and your shipping zip code?
14:56:40 G
can you please check the local store inventory?
14:56:42 G
14:56:47 G
14:57:39 Alicia
The 375429 is pulling up some type of gift card fee not a product, can you send me the link?
14:58:32 G
yes it s a gift card
14:58:41 G
can you please check if it is available in store?
14:59:00 Alicia
I am sorry I show 0 available in your local stores.
14:59:56 G
can you check for a zip code of 30329
15:00:09 Alicia
Please hold
15:00:29 G
15:01:24 Alicia
Thanks for holding. Sorry I am not finding any stock on this item with in 100 miles of either location. May I help you with anything else today?
15:01:48 G
no thanks
15:01:54 Alicia
Thank you for contacting Staples Live Customer Support today. Have a wonderful day!
15:01:54 G
thanks for your time
11-12-2012, 12:03 PM

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