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Quote from Evo-IC View Post :
5-star ratings by nearly 500 reviewers on this case says that the rest of the universe thinks you're opinion (especially about non-USB 3.0 cases only being worth $20 - hah!) is bass-ackwards and silly.

Let's internet argue! Mad
Or, don't. Embarrassment
I'm fine with either. hug
Aww you are butthurt over my laughing at your chinese tablet scam threads? Awww.

Anyway, might as well put you on ignore. Love SD for this feature.

As for my opinion - 500 reviews from 500 non slickdalers? LOL @ your argument If someone wants to spend more than $20 on a case with last year's tech thats their choice. But with so many cases being $20 to $30 WITH USB 3.0 and equal or superior build quality/featuresto this one, that wouldn't be a slickchoice now would it?

What forum are we on again? Oh... right.




Great rebate Companies:

Patriot Memory ( 6 Weeks
Tiger Direct (4myrebate): 3 weeks
Rain-X (in house): 3 weeks


Biostar USA (motherboards) - 21 weeks
Xigmatek 26 weeks, 14 emails, 2 phone calls (finally received)
NZXT 21 weeks, 4 phone calls.