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Quote from vastmax View Post :
How did this JUST reach front page? besides the coupon code doesnt work anymore because its almost 2 months old!
Haha seriously. Definitely was a WTF moment when I clicked on it.

Quote from jollyfreak View Post :
I have one body, which i just put on craigslist for sale at 1500$.. there were people selling at 1850$....mine should have less that 2000 shutter actuation.. If anyone in alpharetta, atlanta, georgia area. and put me an offer send me a private message with your phone number and your offer.
Well, what people ask on CL and what they actually sell for is another story. Your $1500 is within a reasonable range but I doubt the people asking $1850 are getting any kind of valid responses and I'm sure when people offer them $1400, they just think they are getting "low balled" instead of realizing they are asking an unreasonable price to start with.