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Quote from Geezerman View Post :
I'm typing this on my new micro center 27" Auria EQ276W $399 27" 2560x1440 IPS. It also has VGA that will do 2560X1440. I have not tried the HDMI yet, I'm using DVI. It's excellent after fooling with the settings a bit. Lots of real estate, natural colors, vivid display.

Build quality is OK, Dell build is better..surprise..
The Auria stand sucks, so I'm using a Dell RM361 Monitor Stand , 20.00 NEW shipped from Ebay, or 100.00 plus tax from great..The military purchased thousands of these stands and now they are dumped brand new on ebay..

I was toying with using two of these Auria on my desk, but I just don't think I have a use for two since I'm not really a gamer.

Dell build quality, warranty is better. I'm assuming the internal components are better too.
Yeah Dell quality is better but the Dell is also far more expensive. You basically have to decide what is more important. I got my U3011 for $1000 summer 2011 before anyone really knew about these Korean ones. Once I found out about them earlier this year I bought one to serve as a secondary monitor. I didn't even have any trouble deciding quality vs price because it was a secondary.

I didn't know that Dell stands could work for other monitors. From my small ultrasharps, it seems they have their own mounting system and when the Dell mount is removed there is a standard VESA screw hole mount. I'm surprised that the Dell stand fit onto a non-Dell monitor.

EDIT: Just checked them out on eBay. Looks like they include an adapter to let you use standard VESA monitors. Those cheap stands are meant to have laptop docking stations in them though, doesn't it look funny without one?

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